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How Data Centres in GIFT City by Darshan Hiranandani resulted in Skill Development?

The construction and operation of data centers in GIFT City has led to job growth in a number of industries, including cybersecurity, data management, and information technology. The workforce’s need to adapt to the rapidly evolving technological landscape has further aided in skill development. According to Darshan Hiranandani, Co-Founder and Chairman, Yotta Data Services, GIFT City is leading the way in providing a viable and sustainable platform for foreign companies looking to establish a presence in India. This has also resulted in an increase in employment opportunities and a greater demand for specialized skills.

Here are some of the ways that GIFT City is contributing significantly to the development of skills and the creation of jobs:

Opportunities for Direct Employment

The building of data centers in GIFT City has directly led to the establishment of job opportunities. In industries like network engineering, security, system administration, data center management, and technical assistance, a lot of new employment are being created. High-end data centers, the cloud, AI computing, storage, networking, and cybersecurity services provided by data centers like Darshan Hiranandani’s Yotta’s G1 will provide jobs in a variety of roles.

Skilled IT Workforce

As data centers increase, there is a rising need for qualified professionals in the sectors of cybersecurity, information technology (IT), and data management. With GIFT City’s focus on creating a technology-driven ecosystem, a skilled IT staff is required. Initiatives and training programs have been established as a response to assist those working in these fields in becoming more qualified.

Promoting Entrepreneurship

Data centers in GIFT City are attractive to startups and business owners who wish to capitalize on the possibilities offered by state-of-the-art technical infrastructure. This provides opportunities for those wishing to launch technology-based businesses and fosters innovation and entrepreneurship.

Cooperation with Academic Establishments

Data centers in GIFT City regularly collaborate with academic institutions to overcome the skills gap. Training programs, internships, and partnerships with colleges and technical schools all help to build a talent pool with the skills that the data center industry needs.

Development of Technological Skills

The technical nature of data center operations necessitates that staff members possess advanced technological skills. The staff at GIFT City’s data centers gains expertise in fields including virtualization, cloud computing, big data analytics, and cybersecurity, which advances their ability to use cutting-edge technology.

Together, these initiatives will help GIFT City build a strong and adaptable workforce that can meet the demands of the rapidly changing digital sector.

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