Hiranandani Group

The Hiranandani Group is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and was founded in 1978 by Niranjan and Surendra Hiranandani. The firm is among the biggest developers of real estate in India, with projects in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Mumbai.

The group has expanded into the fields of energy, hospitality, education, and health. The second-largest data center in the world, Yotta NM1, is located in the group’s Integrated Yotta Data Center Park in Navi Mumbai and was established in July 2020 by Yotta Infrastructure, a subsidiary company. The CEO of the Hiranandani Group is now Darshan Hiranandani.

Residences – Hiranandani Group

The Hiranandani Group’s Residences fulfill many people’s goals and offer a fresh outlook on life.

Health Care – Hiranandani Group

In order to better serve the communities and improve their quality of life, the Hiranandani Group unites its efforts under the Hiranandani Hospital.

Education – Hiranandani Group

By providing high-quality education, the Hiranandani Foundation School continuously aims to close the gap between professionals and industry.

Hospitality – Hiranandani Group

Hiranandani group offers comfortable and convenient stay with amazing locations and facilities.