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Hiranandani Group is to Invest Rs 3,000 Crore; It aims at 25% Growth In Residential Business

The Mumbai-based real estate giant, Hiranandani Group, is gearing up for a significant expansion, planning to invest around Rs 3,000 crore in various projects during FY25.The CEO, Darshan Hiranandani, believes this move will see their residential real estate business grow by 25% annually. Reports have it that the group is considering joint ventures or joint development agreements for many projects to increase its presence in popular regions.

Strategic Expansion

This huge investment allocation by the Hiranandani Group reflects an upbeat mood of the market. Niranjan Hiranandani explains that “the market is quite bullish, and our projects are well-received.” According to him, if it continues like this, there will be no hurdle towards our expectations.

In order to achieve their dream and expand more than ever before, with its CEO, Darshan Hiranandani, the Hiranandani Group decided on approaching markets where infrastructure is robustly connected; customers demand good services as well as other facilities, and also the current property rate shows growth potential. This way they want to use these circumstances, leading them into becoming major players in this industry.

Eleva by Hiranandani: Adding More Mumbai Projects

To top all that with a cherry, Eleva by Hiranandani plans to expand its portfolio in the city of Mumbai. They are adding three new residential projects, which will supplement the currently operating ones at Oshiwara and Versova. These would each cover an area between four and five lakh square feet.

Explaining how Eleva functions with respect to this company’s operations, Niranjan said, “The idea of having Eleva was initially as a development manager for things we do.” Therefore, under one brand name, we manage designs, marketing, and sales for complete buildings. “Our goal is another three projects on board, each stretching over four lakh square feet,” he added. We are in talks with two, and we expect to finalize them in a span of weeks or months before the fiscal year winds down.”

Margin Optimization and Financial Strategy

The Hiranandani Group also focuses on margin optimization through internal fund generation and ongoing projects being supported by banks and financial institutions. According to Niranjan, “We look at the profile of money inflows and outflows.”
By doing so, the company is able to maintain its liquidity position while operations continue uninterrupted, thus ensuring steady revenue flow from projects that are almost complete. Early cash flows into any real estate project allow it to avoid running out of funds, thereby minimizing risks.

Future Prospects and Strategic Vision

On the other hand, this shows that Hiranandani’s plans for investment are ambitious, but their projections indicate vision and confidence. In pursuit of these strategic objectives, there have been efforts to diversify into a new business segment as well, besides optimizing financial strategies in residential portfolio expansion such as data center services, among others; hence, the group is properly positioned for growth in emerging opportunities.

The Hiranandani Group’s investment proposals of Rs 3000 crores and a desire to grow the residential real estate business by a quarter indicate a solid commitment to innovation quality and strategic expansion. Firmly positioned to maintain its leadership in India’s real estate market and other global spaces, the company focuses intensely on market trends and customer demands.

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